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Melissa Dubin,  Ph.D.
Holistic Psychologist

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Therapy Services

  • Individual Therapy For Adolescents and Adults
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Workshops and Classes
Individual Therapy:  is focused on helping adolescents and adults to identify problems and areas they wish to change and transform. Dr. Dubin’s therapy addresses and helps heal the root causes of symptom presentations and disorders.  The therapy is very focused on bringing both lasting change and immediate relief.  Folks who come to therapy often say that in the session it is the only time in their week where they feel at deep peace with themselves and their world. 

Clients often come to individual therapy to heal deep rooted psychology patterns that stem from trauma, and painful childhood experiences from the past. The individual counseling focuses not only on identifying the origins of their pain but on discovering the positive qualities of who they are now.  Clients learn tools to significantly decrease stress and to cultivate positive feelings states, such as self-compassion and happiness and often develop a new sense of identity rooted in a positive self-image.

Most importantly clients learn to develop a healing and helpful response to emotional pain and stuck places, encouraging a compassionate relationship to ones suffering. Clients have the opportunity in the session to identify and express what they are feeling and are encouraged to then listen deeply to feel the meaning and needs inherent in their feelings and thoughts. From the discussions and guidance in the sessions we are able to explore identity and purpose, increase self-awareness, improve self-esteem, decrease symptoms of depression, and anxiety, and cope with transition and change.

Couples Therapy
: is designed to deeply improve the quality and ways in which we relate to the people we love in our lives.  The therapy helps couples identify problems, examine needs, and develop tools to effectively communicate, listen, and understand one another so that conflict can be healed and greater intimacy can be achieved. Couples come therapy for many personal reasons including a desire to reduce conflict, improve parenting skills, gain support, overcome issues of infidelity, address sexual or intimacy issues and improve communication.  The therapy process allows each individual to grow and heal in relationship to one another.

Family Therapy:
gives family members an opportunity to come together to talk together as a family and heal problem areas, cycles of interactions and create healthy dynamics.  Families come to therapy to address conflict, to cope with change and trauma, loss, addiction issues, separation or divorce issues, to improve communication, to better understand difficulties with the generation gap and cultural issues, and to work with issues of adolescence.  Families can also come together to lean how to support and heal mental health issues that a family member might be struggling with such as eating disorders, depression, bipolar illness, schizophrenia and more. During family therapy sessions members are taught effective means of identifying, expressing and listening to one another with deeper understanding and compassion. 

Group Therapy: offers clients an opportunity to learn, grow and heal through interactions with others who have shared similar experiences. Dr. Dubin helps create a compassionate healing environment to explore and inspire new life paths and to heal old patterns that no longer serve us.  The group setting gives a collective forum to examine, explore and develop new life strategies and pathways and allows for acknowledgement of current gifts and strengths.  In a group many different perspectives can shed light on our struggles, inspiring new visions for our lives and ourselves. (For more information on Group Therapy see Spiritual Health Group link.)

Workshops and Classes
: Dr Dubin and Earth Light Institute offer health and wellness classes that are informative and experiential. Classes and workshops are not only an opportunity to expand our knowledge base of health resources but are also designed to let you have a new experience of yourself and your well being.  Additionally, classes and workshops are designed to allow you to connect to the compassion and wisdom of like hearted individuals.  (See Spiritual Health Talks for more information.)
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