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Melissa Dubin,  Ph.D.
Holistic Psychologist

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Holistic Psychology

A Whole Person Approach to Health

Dr. Dubin offers a holistic approach to treating psychological problems.  The term holistic refers to a therapy that addresses the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.  From a holistic perspective psychological health is directly related to the health of the body and the vibrancy of the spirit.   The whole person experiences psychological symptoms and those symptoms are both created and sustained in the body and spirit, and brought to life as mental and emotional experiences.  Depression, for example, is related to neurotransmitter levels, and diet – all physical aspects of the whole, and depression is also related to the harmony, flow, and aliveness of ones life force or vital energy – all spiritual dimensions of the whole, along with belief patterns, thoughts and feelings, all aspects of the mind.  Addressing the whole person, thus allows for a fuller approach to treating depression.

All the conditions listed on the Specialties list are treated with a holistic approach.

Healthy Connection to Life

From a holistic perspective, the whole person is seen as being part of a larger whole and is connected to deep sources of inner wellness that are continually nurtured and supported by the earth and the field of spiritual life around us.  Thus, the whole person is in relationship to an even greater whole that is wise and creative.  A holistic approach allows us to come in touch with that relationship, as a source of health, well-being, and deep meaning. In fact the word “heal” originates from the word “whole”.  Healing thus means becoming alive in ones wholeness, from which health radiates.

Holistic Treatment

A holistic psychology offers treatment that includes talk therapy, self-awareness, insight into psychological patterns, verbal and emotional expression, and also includes healing that addresses the body, such as nutritional awareness, herbal, homeopathic knowledge, body awareness, yoga and qi gong movement, integrated with meditation and deep relaxation to bring awareness of one’s spiritual life energy, aliveness and essence.  Emotional and mental experiences are thus understood as integral to physical and spiritual functioning, just as a wave is not separate from essence of water.

Holistic psychology is, thus, an integrated approach that addresses psychological wellness through connecting to and promoting the health of the body and spirit, while integrating traditional psychological therapies.  Tapping into the healthy resources of the body and spirit opens a pathway to discovery of a vibrant inner medicine that can heal, balance, and transform psychological suffering.


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