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Spiritual Health Talks

Spiritual Health Speaker Series

The Spiritual Health Speaker Series evolved from the Women's Spiritual Health Group and is open to men and women.  The series brings teachers in our communities to discuss, explore and experience topics related to spiritual health of individuals, the community and our planet.

Spiritual approaches to bodily health, to emotional and mental  health and to meaning and purpose are brought to life from  many disciplinces and sources of wisdom. Teachers who have something to share about the spirit of life, health and well being guide us in unique and inspiring ways.

Coming to the talks offers a powerful opportunity to open to the spirit of your life, to  transform from deep within, and to connect to the support, wisdom and compassion of like hearted people.

These talks not only help to activate and awaken healing knowledge but also bring people together to connect in meaningful ways and to experience the unconditional compassion and healing power of the Women's Spiritual Health Group.

Please look at our Blog to learn more about the Spiritual Health Speaker Series Events:

All Events held at Hill Park Integrative Medical Center's Ocean Within Healing Arts Center
616A Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952

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Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time  Event
February 10, 2013
God and Conflict Author:
Philip Hellmich
Exploring How can There be a God given the conflict of the World? 
How can Inner Peace be translated into Peace for the Whole of the World


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