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Melissa Dubin,  Ph.D.
Holistic Psychologist

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Our Vision

Pictured above: Dr. Melissa Dubin and intern Ahzeen Masjedi

Earth Light Foundation (ELF) is to provide support for Earth Light Institute (ELI). a center promoting the health and well-being of individuals and the community at psychological, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

Mission Statement
Earth Light Institute (ELI) is a healing center that offers integrative health care solutions for the unique growth and well being of all people. On the frontier of medicine, spirituality and science, ELI creates a collective forum that educates heals and awakens the mind, body and spirit towards wholeness, balance and empowerment

Long Term Vision

Earth Light Institute is a center for health and wellness. There are three main components that comprise the center: a Multidisciplinary Treatment center, a Community Center and a Research Center.

ELI is being created as a center where people can participate in healthy and meaningful ways of living. Where Healing, a movement towards wholeness, is nurtured within all aspects of a person, and as part of a larger humanity and even larger cosmos.

The treatment plans, classes, community events, and research of Earth Light Institute are created to help bring about vital health by offering folks an opportunity to participate in healthy ways of living, as individuals, in groups and in community.

There is no particular religious or spiritual orientations that guide the philosophy of ELI’s centers but rather ELI is designed to explore integrate and unite the great wisdom and religious traditions. Thus, keeping alive the spirit of life as it evolves and creates within us and through us.

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