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Founder Earth Light Foundation
Earth Light Foundation was founded Dr. Melissa Dubin, a licensed clinical psychologist who offers a holistic approach to psychological health and well-being.

Facebook: Building Holistic Health Together
Our Facebook features thoughtful questions and insights, event reminders, exercises, and current projects, as well as meditations from Dr. Melissa Dubin.

Current Offerings
What is currently being offered are the holistic health practices of Dr. Melssa Dubin, including a variety of Therapy Services, with a full spectrum of Specialties. Workshops for lay and health care professionals will soon be offered, as will on-going meditation classes and chi gong classes.

Spiritual Health Speaker Series
Spiritual Health Speaker Series. Includes: public health talks, experiential events, healing meditations. See Calendar below.

Listen to a talk from our series:
Inligten Global: Power Your Spiritual Connection
Ruby Bedi and Inder Siddhu of In Lighten Global:
Listen to a Meditation from the Talk: Click Below!

Homeopathy and Emotional Health
With Naomi Richman, MFT, Long time therapist trained in classical Homeopathy
Listen and Learn: Click Below!

Women's Spiritual Health Group. Follow our blog and Facebook page for current projects, insight and healing wisdom.

WWMD: What Would Melissa Do?  Ask Melissa a question and get a holistic health oriented answer!

Join our "positivity project": 30 seconds of thinking and feeling something positive in your whole being, helps creative healthy neuronal pathways of positivity.

NEXT EVENT:  God and Conflict:
With Author Phillip Hellmich

Spiritual Health Talks

Time  Date Event
7:00pm February 10
God and Conflict Author:
Philip Hellmich
Exploring How can There be a God given the conflict of the World? 
How can Inner Peace be translated into Peace for the Whole of the World

Location of Talks: 616A Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952
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